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2 Many Bugs - 384 KB
Use your mouse to draw a line around the same coloured bugs to capture them. To complete a level, gather all the same coloured bugs together before time is up. Its not as easy as it sounds!
2d Knockout - 840 KB
2d Knockout - 3D style boxing game. The aim of the game is simple: travel around the world trying to knockout each of the opponents you face.
3 Foot Ninja 2 - 2.29 MB
3 Foot Ninja 2 - Little Ninja is back & this time the Princess has been kidnapped! Help Little Ninja defeat his enemies to save her in this cartoon style sword fighting game.
3 Foot Ninja - 1.00 MB
3 Foot Ninja - Help Little Ninja recover all the Lost Scrolls Of The Elders by defeating all of his enemies in this cartoon style sword fighting game.
3 On 3 Hockey - 95 KB
3 On 3 Hockey - Overhead ice hockey game from CBC television in Canada.
3d Car Driver - 159 KB
3d Car Driver - Arcade style 3d car game. Pick up money from yellow pedestrians, aim for the green lights to pick up speed while avoiding red lights & red pedestrians.
3d Field Goal - 911 KB
3d Field Goal - Heres your chance to hit a football field goal. Complete each goal within the time limit in these 5 3D field goal mini games.


3d Frogger - 506 KB
3d Frogger - Up to date 3d version of a classic. Help guide these brave frogs home through several lines of traffic & over floating logs on the river.
3d Great Action Cop - 1.33 MB
3d Great Action Cop - Some bad guys are robbing the Great Bank & its your job to shoot them all in this first person auto scrolling shoot em-up.
3d Ping Pong - 348 KB
3d Ping Pong - 3D version of Ping Pong, also known as Table Tennis. A 3D accelerator is required to play this game.
3d Reversi - 301 KB
A 3d version of the classic board game Reversi (also known as Othello). The object of the game is to own more pieces than your opponent when neither player has any moves left.
3d Shooter - 101 KB
3d Shooter - Aim for & hit the targets to get the best possible score you can in this first person target practice game.
3d Super Ball - 1.58 MB
3d Super Ball - The object of this one player Squash/Racket-Ball style game is to earn points by hitting the white area with the football using your mouse pointer.
3d Swat - 231 KB
3d Swat - First person 3D SWAT target shooting game set in the mountains. Get the best score you can by hitting the pop-up men before they start shooting you!


3d Tunnel - 600 KB
3d Tunnel - Guide your spaceship through a 3D tunnel for as long as possible without smashing into the sides of it.
4 Wheel Madness - 2.22 MB
4 Wheel Madness - Side scrolling Monster Truck driving game. Smash, bash & ride over various vehicles to reach the finish line without damaging your truck beyond repair.
4x4 Rally - 1.96 MB
4x4 Rally - Finish each rally in the top three possitions to move onto the next level in this overhead 4x4 pickup truck racing game.
501 Darts - 33 KB
501 Darts - Each player starts with 501 points & the object of the game is to hit exactly zero in as few darts as possible.
6ixel - 130 KB
6ixel - Platform game from the BBC radio station 6 Music. Guide your man around each level picking up CDs to progress to the next level.
8 Ball Pool - 25 KB
8 Ball Pool - Try to get the best possible score in this overhead version of classic 8 ball pool.
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