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Board & Puzzle (147) |  Classic Board (20) Connect & Match (57) Jigsaw (5) Maze & Escape (19) Spot The Difference (3) Word (14)

3d Reversi - 301 KB
A 3d version of the classic board game Reversi (also known as Othello). The object of the game is to own more pieces than your opponent when neither player has any moves left.
Alien Hatchery - 919 KB
Alien Hatchery - Match three or more eggs in a row to hatch them. Use the arrow keys or the mouse to control the alien in the alien hatchery.
All Ball - 2.44 MB
Use your mouse to direct your athletes shot then click to fire. The aim of the game is to match three or more of the same ball to break them apart. Choose Football, Soccer or basketball athletes to fi...
Allout - 200 KB
The object of this game is to turn each light on the board out. To do this you click a piece on the board which reverses the state for that piece & every ajacent piece. To win all you need to do is ma...
Anagrammatic - 201 KB
Anagrammatic - A fun multiplayer word game that you can play with people all over the world.
Animal Bridge - 133 KB
Jigsaw style game. The object of this game is to put 8 pieces of land, which appear at random, on the water surface to compleate a route & pass your ape to the opposite shore to feed.
Animal Maze - 99 KB
Animal Maze - Jigsaw style game. Place blocks of land, which appear at random, containing tunnels to guide the mole home to his nest.


Aqua Blocks Lite - 62 KB
Aqua Blocks Lite - Remove all blocks from the board by clicking a group of two or more of the same colored blocks. To progress to the next level match up all the blocks.
Aqua Blocks - 60 KB
Aqua Blocks - Remove all blocks from the board by clicking a group of two or more of the same colored blocks. To progress to the next level match up all the blocks.
Atomine - 35 KB
Atomine - Minesweeper style game using atoms instead of mines.
Backgammon - 113 KB
Backgammon - Classic board game in which pieces are moved according to the roll of dice & the winner is the first to remove all his pieces from the board.
Badaboom - 3.29 MB
Badaboom - The object of this game is to click on as many clusters of matching colored balls as you can in a 60 second round.
Ball Bounce - 53 KB
The aim of this, breakout of maze style game, is to get the ball to the other side of the level. The ball can bounce off dark grey squares but ust not hit light grey squares.
Blob Wars - 138 KB
Blob Wars - One or two player game. The aim of this board game is to gain control of the board by attacking your opponents blobs & converting them to your own!


Blobs 2 - 183 KB
Blobs 2 - The aim of this peg solitaire style game is to remove all but one blob by jumping over them.
Block Buster - 88 KB
Maze style game. Get rid of all the blocks by moving over them once & once only while avoiding the bombs. Once you move over a block it will disappear & you cannot move back onto it.
Blooming Gardens - 210 KB
Blooming Gardens - Connect up plants on the grid in rows of 5 or more to clear space for the next plants. Get the best score you can!
Blow Up - 310 KB
Blow Up - The aim of this game is to match up the colored balls to make them disappear.
Bomb Bandits - 207 KB
Bomb Bandits - A twist on the classic maze style Snake game made popular by Nokia. Run around & grab bombs before they explode but make sure you dont run into your own tail.
Bomb Defusal - 842 KB
Bomb Defusal - Interesting 3D interactive room puzzle. You have 20 minutes to defuse the bomb & escape by collecting objects & using them in the correct way.
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