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Sport (107) |  Basketball (7) Baseball (4) Bowling (7) Boxing (4) Darts & Archery (6) Extreme (20) Fishing (6) Football (6) Golf (8) Hockey (5) Pool (7) Skiing (4) Soccer (13) Tennis (6)

Adrenaline Challenge - 176 KB
Adrenaline Challenge - Side scrolling motorbike motocross game. Collect all the green balls in the fastest time possible.
Bike Mania On Ice - 2.62 MB
Bike Mania On Ice - Side scrolling motorbike game. The aim of this game is to overcome all the obsticles as soon as possible without crashing your motorbike.
Bike Stunts - 259 KB
Bike Stunts - Side scrolling motorbike game. You have 3 minutes to ride your motorbike down the street, jump off ramps & perform tricks to get the maximum points you can.
Bmx Park - 1.33 MB
Bmx Park - BMX stunt game. Ride around the course on your bike performing multiple tricks to get the maximum amount of points possible.
Board - 382 KB
Board - Snowboard down the hill performing perform tricks off the jumps to gain points.
Dare Devil - 2.42 MB
Dare Devil - Side scrolling motorbike game. Perform different stunts to gain the maximum amount of points possable.
Drop Off - 859 KB
Side on snowboarding game. Use the arrow keys plus the 1, 2, 3 keys to perform tricks after you have jumped off the cliff. The more aggressive the trick the more points that are awarded. As you near t...


Extreme Skateboarding - 166 KB
Extreme Skateboarding - Learn some hot tricks on the skateboard & earn your self some points in this side scrolling mouse Skateboarding game.
King Of Skeleton - 447 KB
King Of Skeleton - Bobsled down the luge without wrecking your sledge. Collect the green tubes to speed up & finish within the time limit to unlock new tracks.
Mountain Bike - 4.46 MB
Mountain Bike - Side scrolling BMX cycling game. Ride a BMX bike over the hilly terrain as fast as you can to reach the end of track before yeur energy runs out.
Mt Runamuck - 297 KB
Mt Runamuck - Snowboarding game. See how fast you can make it down Mt Runamuck while staying inside the flags to gain points. Watch out for those angry Snowmen!
Radical Bmx Halfpipe - 109 KB
3D BMX Halfpipe game. Get the best score you can for performing tricks withing the time limit. As the bike reaches the bottom of the ramp, fling the mouse up & let go of the button.
Rooftop Skater - 466 KB
Rooftop Skater - Side scrolling rooftop Skateboarding tricks game. Lots of customizations are available for your skater in this game.
Santa Snowboards - 230 KB
Santa Snowboards - Help santa out by collecting christmas objects & special objects in this side scrolling Snowboarding game.


Sik Trix Bmx - 608 KB
Sik Trix Bmx - Side scrolling BMX stunt game. Use your arrow keys to pull off some great stunts.
Skating Hall - 430 KB
Skating Hall - Side on view Skateboarding game. Compete against others or Free Skate on the half-pipe.
Snowboarding - 696 KB
Snowboarding - Perform various downhill challenges in this Snowboarding game.
Trick Master Funky - 205 KB
Trick Master Funky - Mouse controlled 3D Skateboarding tricks game. Skateboard down the ramp doing various tricks with the objects you encounter.
Wake Boarding Xs - 799 KB
Waterboarding game. Choose your player, strap on your board & score as many points as you can by combining a perfect line, maximum power & the biggest combo tricks over the wake & obstacles in your wa...
Whiteout Xl - 841 KB
Whiteout Xl - 3D mountain snowboarding game. Snowboard down the mountain & dont wipeout. This game has several challenges as well unlockable tracks to keep you coming back for more!
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