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Skill (115) |  Ball & Paddle (9) Gravity & Thrust (25) Target Shooting (14) Typing (5)

2 Many Bugs - 384 KB
Use your mouse to draw a line around the same coloured bugs to capture them. To complete a level, gather all the same coloured bugs together before time is up. Its not as easy as it sounds!
3d Frogger - 506 KB
3d Frogger - Up to date 3d version of a classic. Help guide these brave frogs home through several lines of traffic & over floating logs on the river.
3d Shooter - 101 KB
3d Shooter - Aim for & hit the targets to get the best possible score you can in this first person target practice game.
3d Super Ball - 1.58 MB
3d Super Ball - The object of this one player Squash/Racket-Ball style game is to earn points by hitting the white area with the football using your mouse pointer.
3d Swat - 231 KB
3d Swat - First person 3D SWAT target shooting game set in the mountains. Get the best score you can by hitting the pop-up men before they start shooting you!
3d Tunnel - 600 KB
3d Tunnel - Guide your spaceship through a 3D tunnel for as long as possible without smashing into the sides of it.
Absolutely Hammered - 321 KB
Absolutely Hammered - Its 4:45 on a Friday afternoon & youre knackered! Hammer as many nails nails as you can 1n the last 15 minutes to earn as many bonuses as you can!


Ace Racer - 1.14 MB
The goal of this game is to compete in three places on your motor boat to take home the championship cup. To gain points to move onto the next place you must perform tricks collect stars &, most impor...
Agent K - 423 KB
Agent K - Shooting range style game. Accumulate points by shooting the moving targets with accuracy & speed.
Air Typer - 248 KB
Skill game which helps improve your typing skills. Place your hands on the keyboard & type the word or letter in the balloons as they appear. When your zapper bar is full, you can blast those balloons...
Alien Cave - 166 KB
Alien Cave - Side scrolling skill game. Use your thrusters to avoid obsticles & get the best score you can.
Alphattack - 672 KB
Alphattack - Skill game which helps improve your typing skills. Hit the corresponding letter on your keyboard to destroy the falling bombs before they damage your city.
Americas Army - 222 KB
Americas Army - first person target shooting game. Shoot the cardboard men that pop-up in front of you.
Angel Killer - 695 KB
Angel Killer - The aim of this game is simple: shoot the falling angels before they reach you.


Arkanoid - 168 KB
The classic paddle & ball game that is Arkanoid. Clear the board of all the colored bricks by hitting them with the bouncing ball you aim with the paddle. Some bricks drop bonuses (some good, some bad...
Arm Wrestling - 262 KB
Arm Wrestling - Funny mini game game of Arm Wrestling.
Atomic Rain - 80 KB
Atomic Rain - Skill game. Catch the falling radioactive symbol icons.
Attack Of The Flu Birds - 1.28 MB
Attack Of The Flu Birds - Fun first person target shooting game with a machine gun. Keep your finget on the left mouse button & shoot the Chickens & the bonuses which appear on screen.
Axis Of Evil - 170 KB
Axis Of Evil - Improve your typing skills by playing this word typing game. Type as fast as you can!
Ball Of Madness - 249 KB
Ball Of Madness - Marble Madness style ball rolling game. Roll the ball to the finish without falling off the edge of the course.
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